• Day:Wednesday
  • Date:15 September 2021
  • Time:14:00 – 15:00 hrs | CET
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  • Topic:COM-COV Vaccine Trials

Prof. Matthew Snape, Chief Investigator

The Oxford Vaccine Group’s vaccine trials have delivered important data on the combination of approved COVID-19 vaccines for first and second immunization doses.

The Com-Cov1 study investigates the safety and immune responses of COVID-19 vaccines that are potentially to be deployed in the UK. The Com-COV2 study follows on and works in parallel with the Com-COV1 approach to answer the same questions, but involving different vaccines.

Both studies include persons aged 50 and over. One important question is that of ‘mixed’ schedules. This is important, as being able to use different vaccines in this way creates a more flexible immunization program.

COM-COV is led by Prof. Matthew Snape and delivered by a network of trial sites across the UK.